Do Waist Beads Help You Lose Weight?

There is a lot of conversation about waist beads and weight loss nowadays. Let's talk about it! When I talk to many of my clients, the question always pops up, " Can I use waist beads to lose weight"?  I always say that the waist beads will not make you lose weight. Losing weight is a personal choice and is based on how motivated a person is to lose weight. Whether you decide that you would like to lose weight to build your confidence, maintain a healthy body weight, aid in treating a medical condition as recommended by your doctor, etc. The decision to go on a weight loss journey is personal to each individual and involves several steps to achieve your ideal weight.
However, waist beads do serve as a great aid to help you track your weight on your weight loss journey. It's the reason why they are so popular nowadays. Before there was a scale to tell you how much you weigh, there was waist beads. In African history, that's how women monitored their body weight. When your waist beads began to become tight on your body, it was a clear sign that you are gaining weight.  When your waist beads got bigger, it was a clear sign that you are now losing weight.  Nowadays some people do not like the pressure of always looking at the scale as it can be discouraging if you are not meeting your ideal goal fast enough.  Some people also just like the element of surprise, especially after their diligent effort to meet their target weight goal. Whatever your reason may be, I highly recommend checking out our traditional waist bead collection and selecting a style that resonate with you to aid you along your journey. Our waist beads are a motivation tool to encourage body confidence while on your journey to become the best you! If you want to be very intentional and cannot resonate with our available options, feel free to contact us directly for your custom pair of waist beads. We make waist beads for all sizes. Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts in our comment section.  Look forward to hearing from you!

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