How To Tie Your Traditional African Waist Beads
  1. If your waist beads come tied pull the string to untie your waist beads, otherwise disregard this step.
  2. Next depending on where you would like to wear your beads, wrap the full strand of beads around your waist, high hip or low lip.
  3. Then begin to adjust the beads by moving them along the cotton strand to ensure that all the beads are aligned together. You do not want any spaces between the beads. Try to leave a little space between your skin and the beads for comfort.
  4. Now, tie both sides of the string with a minimum of 3 knots ensuring that you secure your knot, you are more than welcome to tie more than 3 knots. We like to tie our knot 4 to 5 times for maximum hold.
  5. You can now cut off the excess thread, leaving ¼ of an inch after your knot. Please do not cut the thread too close to the knot or your knot will unravel.
  6. Now your waist beads are ready to wear, enjoy!

Suggestion: If you have extra beads left over you can create an ankle bracelet or arm bracelet by following the same steps above. We always want our friends to express their self.