Accessories By JJ LLC shares the beauty of the African experience through authentic handcrafted waist beads, jewelry, accessories and apparel from West Africa. Accessories By JJ LLC combines the luxury and elegance of the West African culture to help others embrace their true beauty with cultural, elegant, stylish jewelry, apparel, and accessories. 

We pride ourselves in providing an experience to all our customers. We view our customers as our community of friends. We see our jewelry and accessories as a collaboration between our experiences, the African designer and our friends (the customer).

As a business, we take pride in traveling across the globe to Ghana and other African countries to bring you hand crafted African goods. We want to help enhance our friends (customer) self-efficacy and embrace cultural awareness through our accessories and jewelry when being productive in everyday life. We believe in order to enhance self-efficacy; we must take care of our physical and emotional well-being. In order to achieve these goals, we must know who we are as individuals and knowing culture is one of the key elements to our confidence in life.

We want to encourage people who are on a journey to becoming a better person, whether it is through your weight loss journey for a healthier lifestyle, or just to boost your self-confidence utilizing our waist beads. We want you to cherish and give meaning to our hand made goods as it was made with historical integrity by the people of the motherland. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your shopping experience.



Accessories By JJ LLC.

Embracing Self Efficacy and Cultural Awareness