Hey Everyone! I am Jamela also known as JJ, the founder of Accessories By JJ LLC. I am a native of Ghana, West Africa based in the United States. I am a Social Work Professional that works in various aspects of the social work field such as child welfare, advocacy, human resources, education & training etc.

        The journey in the creation of Accessories By JJ LLC was quite interesting. As an adolescent, I use to wear waist beads as it is a part of the Ghanaian culture. At the time, my waist beads were worn for cultural reasons. Often time, many of my peers always questioned my beads and were flattered by them. When I use to visit Ghana as an adolescent, I would often bring back waist beads and bracelets as souvenirs for my friends. In 2019, I took a trip to Ghana to visit my family. This year was significant because Ghana had begun the “Year of Return” movement, where the Ghana government was embracing all African Americans, Caribbean’s, and individuals with African descent to relocate to Ghana to either live, discover their root through historic sites and bring business back to Africa. During my visit, I was visiting several sites in Ghana for leisure purposes, and I received a divine message which motivated me to connect with the local Ghanaian artisans. I believe this would be a starting point that would allow me to support the Ghanaian community while sharing the beauty of the African culture back in the United States. I assumed this idea would just be a side hustle which later turned into a full-time business when the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, where there were many changes in society. I believe that all things happen in divine order, so here it is, the Accessories By JJ journey.
        I believe that in order to grow in life, it is essential that you embrace others, educate others, and help other who are in need. This is one of the mottos that I live by. Accessories by JJ LLC was created on this same foundation where we educate others about various cultural facts, and help others enhance their level of self-efficacy through our cultural goods. My goal is to create a platform for our friends through travel and advocacy. Accessories By JJ LLC uses 15% of the proceeds from our sales to help the less fortunate in Ghana, West Africa. To get updates on our journey and future projects, subscribe to our community of friends’ email list and follow us on all social media platforms. We are on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Tik Tok @accessoriesbyjj.
     Let us make a change together! If you wish to collaborate with us, support the cause, or volunteer please contact us via email in the contact section of our home page. Thank you for all your support.
Jamela AKA JJ
Accessories by JJ LLC.
"Embracing Self Efficacy and Cultural Awareness"