Which Type Of Waist Bead Is Right For Me!

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If you found this post,  that means that you are curious about purchasing waist beads or you just want to get some education on the different types of waist beads we sell and what will work for you. We specialize in making all types of waist beads using various materials and bead styles so there is no limit to what is available. So let's jump right into it and identify the types of waist beads we have available for purchase. 

The Traditional Waist Bead

Our classic traditional waist beads are our cotton stand tie on waist beads from Ghana.  This waist bead is ideal for our friends that are comfortable with semi permanent waist beads.  This waist bead is meant to keep on at all times.  You can bathe in this waist bead and use it to track and monitor your weight and or weight loss progress. Although you are not limited to wearing it for only weight tracking,  this type of waist bead is popular for weight loss tracking by many people. 

The Flexible Waist Bead With The Clasp

The flexible waist bead is made with elastic stretch string with a clasp. This waist bead is ideal for a person that engages in a lot of physical activity and likes to do lots of bending and stretching in their day to day tasks. It is also ideal for those who just to remove their waist beads at their convenience. 

Stretch Waist Beads

The Non Stretch Waist Bead With The Clasp

The non stretch waist bead is made with a hard/durable non stretch cord with a clasp.  This waist bead is ideal for a person who also likes to remove their waist beads when it's convenient. I like to recommend these waist beads for my friends that like to make a fashion statement. 

Our website is limited in the amount of stretch & non stretch waist beads available on our site. Visit our boutique located at 4855 Old National Hwy G6, College Park,  GA or schedule a jewelry consultation with us today at website below. 


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