Waist Bead Parties & Gatherings

Hey Friends, 

As you know, the waist bead culture has grown rapidly in the western world. We are ecstatic about the rapid interest in waist beads and the subcultures it has created in the western world because it has help spread cultural awareness of the African culture in many ways. Waist beads are body jewelry that originated from Africa but are worn by women all over the world in celebration of their bodies, confidence and individuality. Its not just jewelry, it is a way of life! Learn more about why woman wear waist beads and cultural appropriation in my other blog post which are available on our website.

In efforts to bring people, friends, and groups together, we decided to expand and offer waist bead parties for current and future friends of our community. All are welcome to book with us. We will now be offering public and private parties/gatherings for everybody. We intend to give everyone a unique way to connect with others, whether it is a girls night out, bachelorette party for a new bride, an add on to an event you are hosting, weight loss journey motivation parties etc.

What Will You Get At Our Waist Bead Party/Gatherings?

  • An introduction of the Accessories By JJ brand & the owner.
  • A meet and greet activity to encourage audience connection. Refreshments will be served based on crowd interest.
  • An introduction to waist beads, the culture and history (West African/Ghana Perspective)
  • Self Efficacy/Confidence Boosting Activity. We Celebrate You!
  • Waist Bead Time! The viewing & selection of a large variety of premade  waist bead collection. Consultation to aid in purchasing the right waist bead/body jewelry for you and or to order custom pair as needed. Additional collections will be made available upon request.
  • Add on activity to your event based on the need. Additional fee may apply.

Accessories By JJ LLC. just wants to remind you all that everyone can wear waist beads and is not limited to any age, size or ethnicity! Our goal is to spread peace, love, knowledge, confidence and growth! 

Cant wait to meet you all! Schedule your waist bead party/gathering today. Based in Metro Atlanta area. Fees may apply based on location which will be established upon consultation/booking.

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