Waist Beads Make Me Feel Beautiful!

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Let's talk about it! The girls have been asking,  where are the African waist beads! Nowadays, waist beads ips clearly in high demand and I love it. African fashion and tradition has truly made a mark on the fashion scene all over the world and is here to stay.  African waist beads aid in enhancing a woman's self confidence. Waist beads make you feel beautiful and here at Accessories By JJ, we strive to enhance woman's confidence nationwide.

Waist beads make me feel extra beautiful. For me,  it's the wide range of colors that a woman can select from based on their personal interest. Its the diverse options that meets the needs of all woman for me.  There is the traditional tie on waist beads that are made with the cotton thread which are meant to keep on your body and usually have to be cut off to remove.   Some woman also like to use the traditional tie on waist beads to track their weight loss progress but is not limited to just that. Check out my other blog post on why woman wear waist beads for more detailed information. There is something for everybody no matter your weight and size.  People often think that you have to be a particular size to wear waist beads which is not true.  Waist beads are for everybody! The fact of the matter is, people wear waist beads for various reasons and some of those reasons does not always include public display of your body garment.  So what ever motivated you to wear waist beads,  WEAR THEM! 
There are the removable waist beads which has a removable clasp just incase you don't want to wear it often. Some woman prefer the waist beads with the removable clasp for flexibility. I say do what works for you.

My first experience with waist beads was nothing but uplifting. It's just the whole experience of selecting your waist beads and tieing them on  your waist which is uplifting to me. It helps me tap into my femininity even further and reminds me that I'm beautiful everyday. I hope it does the same for all my friends who makes a purchase with Accessories By JJ. I love to see the various ways woman wear their beads.  I like to switch up my waist beads often depending on my mood.  I always encourage woman to wear their waist beads the way they prefer them to be on your body.  Some woman like to wear them in their upper stomach area and others prefer the lower waist. One thing for sure,  the goal is to make sure you all feel beautiful inside and out.  Check out the Elegance Of African Waist Bead Collection if you would like to order your own set of waist beads. Please share with us how waist beads make you feel.  We would love to hear from you. 

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