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Fresh Start Waist Bead


Length: 41-43 Inches

The Fresh Start Waist Bead is a single (1) strand threaded tie-on traditional African waist bead. This waist bead is made with 100% cotton strand. This strand is made to be worn long term but can be removed at your discretion. It is 100% authentic African made waist bead by the local artisan of Ghana, West Africa.

We want our friend to feel empowered, confident, and culturally aware when you wear your body jewelry. The inspiration behind this waist bead was for you to manifest a fresh start in your life while wearing elegant jewelry. When change is needed in your life, let these beads be the change agent in your life. Feel free to wear our jewelry with you own intention.

 A Waist Guide On Where And How To Wear Your Waist Beads

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